Spring And New Leaves: A Plant Parent’s Favourite Season

Winter used to be my favourite season because I love wearing chunky cable knit sweaters and fluffy socks. Moving to Ireland allowed me to basically experience Winter all year round so Summer became my favourite two weeks of the year (if you live in Ireland or the UK you will get it). Autumn was my third favourite because of the beautiful deep colours of browning leaves. I didn’t really pay any attention to Spring as I associated it with seasonal allergies.

Now as a new plant parent Spring might just be my new favourite season as it truly is the season of growth. Working from home the past month allowed me to truly witness the changing seasons and gave me the opportunity to embrace Spring in all its glory by experience more natural light, new growth on my plants and the sound of birds chirping.

Since I’ve had more time at home to care for my plants I have obsessively been checking them for new leaves and they have not disappointed. Every day offered a new surprise.

Here are 7 of my plants that have produced the most growth over the past few weeks:

My Monstera Adansonii popped out a few new leaves since I got her.
Recently she even had twins! Now they weren’t from the same stem, but they did grow and unfurl at the same time.
My Monstera Deliciosa has popped out three new leaves this season. She is really growing so fast and she looks healthy and happy!
You can read more about here growth and her journey here.
Both my Neon Pothos and Marble Queen Pothos are growing very well.
They produce new leaves weekly and I am very excited about the possibility of them starting to trail soon.
My Schefflera is working on a few new stalks and they are the super adorable. The small leaves look like tiny arms stretching out.
You can read more about here growth and her journey here.
My Maranta Leuconeura (Red Prayer Plant) proudly popped out a fifth new leaf yesterday. She is growing like crazy. It feels like they take forever to grow and then all of a sudden they unfurl overnight.
My Pilea Peperomioides is also growing strong producing new leaves every week. She even has two pups that she shares a root system with.
I have to remember to rotate her regularly as she tends to grow unevenly.
As Spring approached my Peace Lily started pushing out a lot of new leaves, and she even started blooming again!
You can read more about here growth and her journey here.

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